Bloom and Blossom Baby Sleep Bedtime Routine Trio Set




This Baby Bedtime Routine Trio Set from Bloom and Blossom is the perfect way to create a calm, natural and peaceful bedtime routine in three easy steps. Each step naturally soothes and relaxes your baby, encouraging a sense of calm and tranquillity to help them wind down and relax before bed, whilst gently engaging their sense of smell and touch. Created specifically for babies and children, the unique sleep fragrance is a blend of lavender, chamomile flower and ylang ylang and provides the gentle and naturally soothing scent to help your baby drift in to a peaceful slumber. Bedtime routine is the secret to a contented baby, and in turn contented parents – so lets all try and get that good night’s sleep we deserve. This set contains: Bedtime Bath & Shower Gel 40ml Bedtime Massage Oil 40ml Bedtime Pillow Spray 40ml

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