John Lewis 3-Ply Fusion Saucepans with Lids Set, 3 Pieces




This 3-Ply Fusion saucepan set with glass lids from John Lewis has a sturdy three layer coating for everyday use. The three most popular sizes in the kitchen cater for your everyday needs and a sturdy glass lid on each one allows you to see what’s cooking. The 3-Ply Fusion range from John Lewis offers you all the advantages of durable stainless steel pans combined with a non-stick coating in one. The non-stick coating has a triple layer for improved food release and it’s protected by the innovative stainless steel honeycomb-shaped mesh. You can even use metal utensils while cooking without damaging the surface. Handles are riveted for strength and feature a silicone insert to keep them cool while even heating is applied throughout for a better cooking experience. You don’t need much fat to fry in. Nothing sticks to the surface and therefore cleaning the pan is easy. The multi-layer pan is suitable for all kinds of hob, including induction. Set includes: 16cm pan base – H11.6 x Dia.18cm rim to rim, Capacity: 1.3L 18cm pan base – H12.6 x Dia.20cm rim to rim, Capacity: 2L 20cm pan base – H14.6 x Dia.22cm rim to rim, Capacity: 3L Getting the most from your induction pans All of our John Lewis induction pans are tested to the British and European standards for safety and performance. To ensure the functionality of induction pans, it is important to make sure the magnetic circuit with the hob isn’t broken by: Making sure the size of the pan base is no smaller than the hob and ring Using pans with a flat base Not lifting the pan off the hob top continuously Giving coated and aluminium pans with steel bases more time to heat, as the aluminium sides do not heat directly from the hob

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