John Lewis Natural Collection 4000 Cotton Pocket Spring Mattress, Firm, Single





With a total of 4000 pocket springs in the king size version, our luxury Cotton mattress incorporates market leading spring technology and superior natural fillings for a feel of comfort and softness. The benefits of cotton Layers of natural cotton help to keep your body at a comfortable sleeping temperature. Cotton is soft, durable and highly absorbent which means it is good at wicking moisture away from the body and reducing temperature through evaporation, creating a hygienic sleeping environment. Additional fillings Wool is added to this mattress alongside the cotton to provide warmth, durability and natural springiness. Wool also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites making it a very hygienic, clean option. Naturally strong and comfortable hemp fibres are blended with wool to create an insulating under layer between the spring system and the comfort layers. All the layers are held together with two rows of hand side stitching, and hand tufted with cotton felt washers for even greater levels of durability. Revolution® pocket spring system Enjoy the enhanced comfort levels of this spring within a spring system for your most supportive night’s sleep yet. Providing a firm tension for all shapes and sizes of the human body, it boasts a two stage action. The larger outer spring offers a high degree of comfort as it yields to the body, while the inner spring gives a precise, highly supportive second action. As your body sinks into the mattress the inner spring is engaged delivering extra support when and where you need it. High density springs Combined with the ultra-supportive Revolution pocket spring, Super HD springs distribute your weight correctly to reduce the build-up of pressure. Produced in a blanket sheet format, the springs are able to move up, down and side to side, as well as pivoting. This allows the surface of the spring to contour with the exact shape of your body. Environmentally sound The John Lewis Natural collection has been designed to be recyclable at the end of its life by using natural upholstery fillings. Even the steel used in the patented pocket spring system is 100% recyclable. Our manufacturers, Spink & Edgar are the only bed makers in the world with a farm where they raise sheep for wool and grow luxury fibres for use as fillings in their mattresses. Using locally grown fibres, crops and wool lessens the impact on the environment by dramatically reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. Please note: not all our ranges are on display in our shops. For more information, please speak to a furniture Partner in store, or call 03452 661805 and we can tell you where the range you’d like to view is on display. 0% APR Representative: this product is eligible for Interest Free Credit, available when you spend £1000 or more on selected home products. Call 03456 065019, or visit our shops. Terms and conditions apply: find out more

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