JOSEPH JOSEPH M-Cuisine Cool-touch Microwave Dish – Stone & Orange




Remove your food safely from your microwave with the Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Cool-touch Microwave Bowl in stone and orange.No need for oven glovesThe double-walled design means this bowl is cool to touch when heated in the microwave, so you can remove your food in complete safety, without burning yourself.Innovative lidThe splash-proof lid has a cleverly placed steam vent to ensure thorough cooking and reduces mess.All the products in the M-Cuisine range are suitable for all power rating in domestic microwaves. The power rating (wattage) specified on the packaging is for guidance only. All microwaves vary, please adjust the cooking time to suit your appliance.Perfect for heating soup, porridge or desserts, go from microwave to table with the stylish 550 ml Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Cool-touch Microwave Bowl.

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