Kitchen Craft Cook’S Blowtorch With Chrome Fittings

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Kitchen Craft Cook’s Blowtorch with Chrome Fittings The secret ingredient in a cook’s kitchen, this blowtorch from Kitchen Craft can be used for everything from giving pork crackling that perfect snap to caramelising the sugar on a classic Crème brûlée. Safe to use, it has a non-slip, soft grip body and a safety adjustable flame, so you always have full control over it. The piezo trigger instant ignition means it always ignites without a delay. Chrome fittings lend it a touch of style, and it’s refillable, so you can skin tomatoes and peppers or toast meringues time and time again. Plastic and metal Height: 9 CM Material Content: Plastic and metal Width: 16.5 CM Wipe clean only conforms to BS EN ISO9994 standards

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