NEW WORLD NW601F Electric Oven – Black & Metallic Red





Top features:- Spacious oven interior with 61 litre capacity- Fan power delivers even heating- Energy efficient performance helps to save you money on your household billsSpacious oven interior The NW601F boasts 61 litres of space to accommodate all your roasts, trays, dishes and other items. Get double-oven capacity in a single cavity. The variable electric grill offers a high and a low setting to give you greater flexibility and creativity. It’s perfect for healthier foods, or to add enticing crisping and browning to your dishes. You’ll find it superbly easy to load and unload dishes via the drop-down door.Fan power A powerful fan enables the NW601F Oven to give you even results full of delectably tender juiciness. Combine the fan with other functions to minimise cooking times and create varied results. You can use the fan to circulate air around your food for gentle, even defrosting, a great way to thaw delicate items such as cream gateaux or cheesecakes. Using fanned grilling you can brown your food whilst keeping in all the lovely juices, or even creating an economical spit or rotisserie effect.Energy efficient performance The New World NW601F Single Oven is exceptionally energy efficient with its Class A rating, so you save money and cut down your carbon footprint with a more environmentally friendly appliance. The easy-clean enamel interior means all you need do is quickly wipe mess and spillages away for wonderfully hassle-free maintenance.

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