Roy Chubby Brown Live – Who Ate All The Pies?





Chubbys 30th DVD Release – whod have thought it!Here is a personal message from the man himself: “When I recorded my first live video ‘From Inside the Helmet I did not realise then that I would still be recording 25 years later. Over the years we seen some great concerts in spectacular venues with fantastic audiences, which have created brilliant memories for me.Who Ate All The Pies? was recorded in September 2013 in the beautiful Maltings theatre, in Berwick Upon Tweed in front of a very enthusiast audience. I believe the combination has created my best DVD ever! Mere words will never be enough to thank all my loyal fans for supporting me during the past 40 years, but you have all kept me going during the ups and down, so a BIG thank you and you are more than welcome to come round and enjoy a cup of tea and of course a pie!Classification – 18

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