Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual

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VTech Secret Safe Diary Visual Now your secrets can stay safely locked away with this Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual. The voice activated locking system is perfect for keeping nosy adults out of your business, so you can keep your diary entries, friend’s information and the name of your crush safely tucked away! This diary also comes with an adorable virtual pet for you to take care of and play with, feeding it and watching it grow. There are 20 different games involving words, maths and logic for you to master and lots of musical activities. There’s ever a secret drawer underneath with a mini writing pad for you to doodle on. With an easy to use keyboard and a full colour screen, you can play with your virtual pet and key in all your thoughts and dreams without every having to worry about prying eyes. Useful info: Voice activated locking system Includes a virtual pet Games, and musical activities 20 activities covering words, maths, logic and more Secret draw with writing pad Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual Warning: Not suitable for children under three. Vtech customer service number 01235 546810 Depth: 0 MM Height: 0 MM Width: 0 MM

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